The Importance of Physical Therapy in the Nursing Home Setting


Staying active throughout life is key to boosting and maintaining one’s health. That said, as a person ages, their ability to exercise safely and effectively can diminish. That’s why it’s important to implement physical therapy in a nursing home setting. Considering this is National Home Health Care Month, there’s no better time to explore these benefits.

To better understand the value of physical therapy exercise for the elderly in care homes especially during National Long Term Care Awareness Month, keep the following points in mind.

How Physical Therapy Improves Long Term Care Rehabilitation in a Nursing Home Setting

Elderly people in nursing homes often struggle with age-related physical limitations, like poor eyesight, heart disease, and more. These can all contribute to a greater risk of falling. This is a major issue physical therapists help to address with exercise programs for nursing home residents. They often specialize in working with seniors to develop their balance. Doing so reduces the chances of injury.

Of course, boosting an elderly person’s safety isn’t the only way physical therapy helps in a nursing home environment. Studies indicate that the importance of activities in long term care relates to both physical and mental well-being, as exercise has been shown to have a very positive impact on the mental health of older adults.

Physical therapists who facilitate exercise for the elderly in care homes do so by assessing the condition of each person they work with and developing appropriate programs for their condition and abilities. These nursing home exercise ideas are tailored to each individual to make sure the patient enjoys the best results.

Physical therapy in a nursing home setting also helps reduce discomfort caused by everything from arthritis to heart disease. This type of long term care rehabilitation allows elderly people to stay mobile and safe for a longer period of time.

The importance of activities in long term care can’t be overstated. To appreciate how being active can help, consider these nursing home exercise ideas. Although only a qualified physical therapist can determine which exercises are safe and necessary for each individual, these suggestions for exercise programs for nursing home residents may help you understand what physical therapy can offer.


Balance Exercises for the Elderly in Care Homes

Again, maintaining balance is important for seniors. Physical therapists help with simple exercises that are intended for long term care rehabilitation, like standing on a surface as the support area is gradually reduced. Seniors are also taught to carefully walk straight lines, as well as to maintain balance while shifting their body weight. These simple nursing home exercise ideas can genuinely help them guard against potentially debilitating injuries.

Walking Exercise Ideas in a Nursing Home Setting

Walking is a safe way to get exercise for people with limited mobility. That’s why physical therapy in a nursing home setting often includes short bouts of walking (punctuated with strength or balance training). Walking in between other exercises helps boost aerobic health in seniors.

The Importance of Stretching Activities in Long Term Care

Stretching helps to relieve muscle tension, which can alleviate discomfort. In long term care rehabilitation, this activity can also improve an elderly person’s range of motion. This boosts their overall mobility. However, a licensed physical therapist must be involved to create an exercise programs for nursing home residents that ensures they don’t put their muscles or joints under too much strain.

These basic points should indicate the importance of physical therapy in the nursing home setting. Addressing the unique needs of seniors requires coordinating with experts who know how to identify the best exercise programs for nursing home residents.

To find a physical therapist that can assist with long term care rehabilitation, use the BetterPT website or download the BetterPT app. It’s clear that exercise for the elderly in care homes is essential. By implementing such programs, nursing homes can greatly boost the quality of life for their residents.

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