How your current patients prefer to book PT.

How the next generation will book PT.

BetterPT handles the logistics, service and support to get patients treatment faster.

  • Increased visibility and exposure of your clinic(s)

  • Increased utilization of your therapists

  • Increased patient satisfaction with seamless technology

  • Instant access to the fastest growing referral network in the industry

  • Data driven decision making with realtime analytics

  • Decreased workload of your front desk staff

  • Complementary tool to your EMR

  • HIPAA compliant and secure platform

Focus on the treatment, not the scheduling

Consider these projections for 2019 from a report by Accenture:

  • 66%

    of U.S. health systems will provide online scheduling

  • 64%

    of patients will make appointments online

  • 986 Million

    appointments will be scheduled independently

  • $3.2 Billion

    is what the value of online scheduling will be in 2019

Spreading the word

We use social media, email, search ads, sports events and more to promote your clinic

Partnering with the best

We ensure you're one of a kind instead of one of many

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