Precision Performance & Physical Therapy



Precision Performance & Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of athletes; particularly runners and triathletes. However we also see many other athletes including golfers, yogis, soccer players and more! We do no discriminate.

At Precision, we believe you have the right to choose how you want your healthcare experience to be. We believe that your story is just as important as the body part you injured. Our intention is to provide you with exactly what you need to get well or perform better.

Our approach is both holistic and evidence based. Education and collaboration are important to us. We treat the whole person, identifying the root cause of your issue from the beginning.

We understand that the foot and ankle can cause hip and back pain or vice versa. Each aspect of your musculoskeletal system is interconnected and can have an impact on how you are moving and feeling.

Let us help you get back to what you love!

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