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At Excel, we operate on a simple principle: our patients come first. With over 25 years of specialized experience in surgical and non-surgical orthopedic injuries, our team of highly skilled physical therapists go above and beyond to get you back to doing what you love the most. Our success is predicated on your success; we recognize that every patient is different and we strive to deliver a unique and individualized approach. From initial phone call to final visit, our staff is committed to providing the most comprehensive physical therapy to keep you moving forward. It is what we do for the people we care for.

Our Hoboken facility is centrally located uptown and is conveniently accessible by bus and ferry. Patients can admire water and city views while receiving the highest quality of care.

**We work with all Insurance plans so please anticipate hearing from our insurance department PRIOR to your appointment IF you have any financial responsibility**

Alexandra Fiorino


imgAlexandra Fiorino

Alex graduated from the University of Scranton with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. During her time at Scranton, she also received a minor in psychology and a concentration in nutrition, further completing her areas of interest. She balanced her studies with participating in sports, spending time with friends, and giving back to the local community. While growing up, her family dog sparked her interest in physical therapy. When suddenly hit by a car and needing a hip replacement, Alex and her Mom knew they had to do something to help their recovering dog walk again. Placing her in the pool was the trick and little by little she began walking and running her way through another 9 years. At each step of the way, Alex’s interest and desire to help people regain normalcy grew. Alex now enjoys treating a variety of injuries, however has a particular interest in post-operative care of the shoulder, hip, and knee, as well as running injuries. She loves being creative with exercises and pulling experiences from her years of playing soccer, softball, and basketball. Alex understands that every person has their own interests and goals and she enjoys the challenge of incorporating those differences into each treatment plan. Alex grew up locally in Bergen County, with the exception of a few years in Nebraska. Her time as a mid-western girl was the beginning of her love of skiing and many other outdoor activities. Being back on the East coast in Hoboken, she loves to hike with her husband and their rescue dog. Alex and her husband have been together since high school and, in recent years have enjoyed traveling all over. They have a new found love of making pasta after their time in Italy. They love experiencing new cultures, only to come home to snuggle with their dog and spend time with their family and friends! Her experiences throughout the United States and while traveling abroad have shaped her as a person and given her a greater depth of knowledge as a physical therapist.


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