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We believe that you should accept nothing less than moving with ease, being free of pain, and feeling good about yourself every single day.

Sometimes the best ideas come out of necessity. As athletes and therapists we wanted to create an environment for:

-People like us to train, get stronger and heal if we were injured.

-dedicated, motivated athletes of all ages to train, improve and be the best version of themselves.

-People facing, or rehabbing from an injury or surgery to heal and maintain their active lifestyles.

Since 2004 Elite Health Services has evolved from that original vision with your needs in mind.

Brad Gilden


imgBrad  Gilden

Dr. Brad Gilden has been practicing orthopedic and sports physical therapy since graduating from New York Medical College in 2000. In 2004, he completed a clinical doctorate in upper quarter & hand therapy from Drexel University. He joined Elite Health Services as a managing partner and rehabilitation coordinator in 2005 and co-founded IPA MANHATTAN Physical Therapy in 2011. Dr. Gilden follows the approach of a Functional Manual Physical Therapist treating movement dysfunction and postural awareness. He enjoys working with all diagnoses and has extensive experience treating patients with neck pain, headaches, airway/breathing difficulties, tinnitus and other related issues. In 2010, he completed an intensive certification in functional manual therapy through the Institute of Physical Art passing with honors. In 2014 he completed a three year long fellowship in functional manual therapy through the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

Elizabeth Arnold


imgElizabeth Arnold

Dr. Liz Arnold joins Elite Health Services after moving on up from the East Side (of Manhattan). She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy program at NYU and has had the fortune of working with a vast spectrum of patients: from traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation to orthopedic injuries and sports performance. As a former collegiate athlete herself, Liz has experienced multiple sports related injuries and concussions, although she would refer to this as “gaining empathy”. She brings with her a personal understanding of the complexities of pain and injury, and thrives on assisting others restore and achieve their optimal level of performance. She specializes in post-concussion rehabilitation as well as orthopedic and sports injuries. While she may have been sidelined a few times, Liz still finds a way to play any sport that will have her, most recently rekindling her love for volleyball.

Tara Gibson

PT, DPT, CFMT, Certified Pilates Instructor

imgTara  Gibson

Tara Gibson has been with Elite since 2012. Tara is specialist in Men’s and Women’s Health issues. She addresses pelvic floor conditions including incontinence, vaginal or penile / scrotal pain, pain with intercourse, symptoms associated with interstitial cystitis (IC), coccyx pain, and any musculoskeletal issues surrounding this including low back, SI joint, and hip pain. She also specializes in treating pregnant and post-partum women to address issues including recovery from labor and delivery, diastasis recti, preparing for VBAC, soft tissue mobilization of C-section or perineal scar, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to her role as a PT, Tara is also Managing Partner and Director of Elite Pilates at the same location. Combining her rehabilitative knowledge and Pilates background, she develops therapeutic and performance based applications of the Pilates exercise system to address the needs of clients ranging from complex pain patients to high-level athletes.

Matthew Silvaggio


imgMatthew Silvaggio

Matt Silvaggio has been practicing across a broad scope of rehabilitative settings since graduating with a Masters in Physical Therapy from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY in 2003. He joined Elite Health Services in 2010 and works as the Director of Elite’s Westport location; specializes in the treatment of running and other sports related injuries. Prior to Elite, Matt’s experience was been shaped by working in acute rehabilitation, home health, orthopedic private practice, as well as in sports medicine settings; where he treated a wide variety of high performing athletes. He is committed to pursuing professional excellence through continual learning. Matt recently completed 200 hours of teacher training in Vinyasa yoga as a way of advancing his own growth and progressing the quality of care he provides to his physical therapy patients.


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