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5 Most Common Mistakes that Lead Private Practice PT Owners into Cash-Flow Trouble

Cash flow problems are the single biggest reason why small businesses fail. Avoid these mistakes to help your physical therapy private practice grow and thrive.

Nov 27

Casamba and BetterPT Join Forces

Casamba and BetterPT Partner to Provide a More Efficient Scheduling Experience for Patients and Physical Therapists Integrated solution allows clinics to better manage bookings and patients to find ideal providers Agoura Hills, CA, and New York, NY November 7, 2018 – Casamba, the leading provider of technology solutions for post-acute ...

Nov 07

BetterPT Webinar - Patient Requests for Appointments

Thank you to all that joined our webinar last week to review the new Patients Requests for Appointments feature. If you could not make it, we wanted you to have a copy for you to watch. Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Nov 05

No More Adding Hours - Patient Request Feature Is Here

At BetterPT, our mission is to connect patients and physical therapy providers through our mobile and web technology. We're constantly thinking of new ways to optimize both our product and our user experience and we are very attentive to any customer feedback that helps us achieve these ends. That’s why ...

Oct 09

What is Really Happening During Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

Did you know that under a certified skilled provider, blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) is easy to use, hard to misuse, safe and BetterFor Results compared to current standards of care? Blood flow restriction therapy increases muscle mass and muscle strength at very low intensities through use of a medical device that restricts blood flow to the arm or leg, increasing muscle oxygen demand. Increases in muscle oxygen demand mean that the muscle has to work harder than normal to generate a muscle contraction, lowering the weight needed to create positive muscular benefits. This has tremendous implications for populations across the board!

Jul 24

The Science and Art of Creating a Positive Culture within Your PT Practice

In order to build and maintain a successful physical therapy practice, every member of your team needs to feel invested in the organization in a meaningful way. Yet Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report shows that only “21% of employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.” If your team isn’t motivated to do outstanding work, you won’t have an outstanding practice-it’s that simple.

Jun 12